As an active member of WCOWMA (Onsite Waste Water Association of BC) WGI has a proven track record of working effectively with property owners, ROWPs, civil and geotechnical engineers, environmental scientists and regulators to assess site conditions and effectively dispose of waste-water to ground using environmentally sound techniques.
Waste and Storm Water Disposal Services
  • BC Sewerage System Regulation (SSR) and Municipal Waste Water Regulation (MWR) Compliance
  • On-Site Disposal Feasibility and Hydrogeological Setback Assessments
  • Disposal in Challenging Conditions – where steep, rocky slopes, impermeable soils, wells or nearby sensitive environments are present
  • Hydrogeological Site Characterizations
  • Rapid Infiltration Assessments
  • Stormwater Runoff Management and Disposal
  • Bylaw Compliance
  • Property Suitability Assessments
  • Infiltration System Design

Example Wastewater and Stormwater Disposal Projects 
  • Numerous Hydrogeological Compliance Assessments in Interior BC:
- Single Family Residence, Rosen Lake, BC
- Single Family Residence, Pinantan Lake, BC
- Recreation and Conference Center, Cherry Creek, BC
- Single Family Residence, Blind Bay, BC
- Single Family Residence, Shuswap Lake, BC
- Campground, Pillar Lake, BC
- Business Park, Coldstream, BC
- Single Family Residence, Christina Lake, BC
- Single Family Residence, Monroe Lake, BC
- Business Expansion, Armstrong, BC
  • Numerous Hydrogeological MSR and MWR EIS preparation projects:
- New Community Treatment and Disposal System, District of       Barriere, BC
- Proposed Commercial and Residential Development, Maple       Ridge, BC
- Lakeview Ranch RV Park, Moyie, BC
- Beach Grove Estates, Tappen, BC
- Eagle River Estates, Malakwa, BC
- Osprey Landing, Wardner, BC
  • Hydrogeological Assessment, Wastewater Disposal by Spray Irrigation, City of Armstrong, BC
  • Stormwater Disposal Assessment, Shannon Lake West Development, Westbank, BC
  • Stormwater Disposal Assessment, Bayview Estates, Sicamous, BC
  • Stormwater Disposal Assessment, Riverview Estates, Sicamous, BC
  • Community Rainwater Disposal Assessment, Lantzville Foothills Estates, Lantzville, BC
  • Stormwater Disposal Assessment, Trepanier Manor Resort, Peachland, BC